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IGSS 2020: Photo Contest

You know you have talent, take the photo, publish and win a ticket to IGSS 2020! #GlobalSurgeryinPictures. To participate you must:
1. Take a single picture that captures the concepts of global surgery.
2. Upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #GlobalSurgeryinPictures, and 3. Tag us @igss_2020.

Rules are: The image must have NO CAPTION, just the hashtag (a picture is worth a thousand words), you must own the rights to the image (you must be the original photographer), NO sexual content or gratuitous nudity will be admitted, NO poverty porn is allowed, NO violations of HIPPA/Patient Privacy laws (if the image portrays a pt must get their permission).

Posts entering the contest will be reposted on our IG page. The re-post with the most likes wins! The winner gets a $20 access ticket to IGSS 2020, prizes from our sponsors, a dedicated post, and a chance to tell the story behind the picture in a video that will be played during the conference.

The deadline is October 30th, 2020. What are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see your wonderful submissions. Instagram does not endorse this contest. @incisionglobal #igss2020 #globalsurgery #medicine #conference #surgery #medicalstudent #student #medicalschool